The Initiative to Promote Clinical Trials in Belgium

Belgium is an important country for the conduct of Clinical Trials. However, we are aware that this position is challenged from many sides and far from self-evident. ACRP, BAPU, BeAPP, and have joined forces with the strategic intention to build a sustainable Clinical Trials environment in Belgium on the basis of what was achieved since the entry into force of the new regulatory framework in 2004.


    • 02.07.2012 - Economic footprint of clinical trials in Belgium - Strategic plan to promote clinical trials

      At the BPC of the 17th of April, Ingrid Maes of pwc presented, at the request of The Initiative, the results of the economic footprint of clinical trials in Belgium and the strategic plan to promote clinical trials.  The key selection parameter in selecting Belgium as host country is approval timelines. Belgian expertise is also well recognized. Important threats are patient recruitment and cost. Which means it is time to act!

      The full report study of the presentation is now available. (NL - FR)

    • 17.04.2012 - Clinical research is more than it seems

      At the Belgian Pharmaceutical Conference (La Hulpe, April 17 2012), one of the mean sessions was devoted to clinical research in Belgium. Clinical trials are more than a drug becoming available at the pharmacy. Elaborating clinical studies provide additional employment and in Belgium this means nearly 30,000 jobs. For patients participating in clinical trials, this means early access to drugs that are prior testd on their safety. (FR - NL)

    • 30 March 2012 - The Belgian Pharmaceutical Conference : latest update on clinical studies in Belgium and new recommendations for the decision makers
      Since the bumper year of 2008, systematically fewer patients are able to take part in clinical studies in Belgium. The drop in Belgium is in line with the decline of clinical studies in Europe. This trend is severely impairing the number of patients who benefit from taking part in the earliest stage of treatment involving innovative medicines. After a constant rise of the number of clinical studies in Belgium over the years, this downward spiral is sounding the alarm bell. High time to act. During the Belgian Pharmaceutical Conference PricewaterhouseCoopers' Ingrid Maes, together with the FAMHP's dr. Greet Musch, who is chairing the second plenary session, presents not only an in-depth analysis of the state of affairs of clinical studies in Belgium, she also puts forward recommendations aimed at safeguarding this type of research that is essential for Belgian patients and our knowledge-based economy. Click here for more information (FR - NL)

    • 21 March 2012 - Societal focus on medicines : Pharma/Healthcare and the Econoshock
      The economic upheavals of the recent past will demand some significant adjustments from the pharmaceutical industry. "The next pharma generation will have to adapt to the 2030 healthcare ecosystem", confirms expert Geert Noels, CEO of Econopolis. Different strategies will be highlighted during the Conference to prepare for this economic challenges. Click here for more information (FR - NL)

    • 17 February 2012 - 'The Impatient Patient©' : discover it all during the Belgian Pharmaceutical Conference on April 17 2012
      The organizers BeAPP, BAPU and present to you the full program and an overview of the top notch speakers.
      These three organisations, who represent in our country respectively the practitioners in the industry, the early research of medicines and the innovating pharmaceutical industry, join their forces in order to bring together the whole sector; patient organisations, authorities, academics and practitioners; around one central theme. This year, the theme will cover the latest developments for patients and their needs. Click here for more information (FR - NL).

    •  19 January 2012 - New website highlights the Belgian pharmaceutical conference 2012 : main focus on 'The Impatient Patient©' and BeAPP announce the launch of a new website of the Belgian pharmaceutical conference which will be held in Brussels on April 17th, 2012. The website offers immediate access to all info about the conference : the Umbrella theme 'The Impatient Patient©', the program, the top notch speakers, the top location and other practicalities. On April 17th you will discover on a national and European level, together with all healthcare partners, more about the growing tendency for patients to become more outspoken, critical and informed. Click here for more information (FR - NL)

    • 20 May 2011 - Clinical Trials in Belgium: update of the situation
      The sharp drop in the number of clinical trials in 2009 in our country has slowed down in 2010. Carrying out a clinical trial is cheaper in Belgium than in the other Member States of the EU or in the US, but more expensive than in East Europe, China or Russia. A new wave of transfers to these countries is therefore not excluded. This is what emerges from a recent PriceWaterhouseCoopers analysis at the request of « The Initiative to Promote Clinical Trials in Belgium » (The Initiative) which keeps on investing in maintaining clinical trials in our country. Click here for more information (FR - NL).

    • 21 March 2011 - Leo Neels about the Belgian Pharmaceutical ConferenceOn the occasion of the Belgian Pharmaceutical Conference held on the 17th of March, Leo Neels, General Director, has been interviewed by "Le Journal du médecin". In this interview, Leo Neels talked about the central topics of this event: clinical trials and e-healthcare. Click here for more information (FR - NL).

    • 17 March 2011 - The Belgian Pharmaceutical Conference - Diamant Centre Brussels
      BeAPP & present the First Belgian Pharmaceutical Conference. The growing importance of data on the internet and the societal move to e-healthcare raises questions on transparency, compliance to local regulations, information available to the lay public, the reliability of data and the relationships between stakeholders.What will the impact be on industry and its position in the healtcare community?
      Click here for more information

    • 19 November 2010 - The symposium "Clinical trials: from European perspective to National Implementation" took place on November 19th 2010 and was organised by the European Clinical Trials Facilitation Group (CTFG), the Belgian Federal Agency for Medicinal and Health Products (FAMHP) and, the federation of the Belgian Pharma industry. The importance of clinical research for Belgium is multiple: not only does the conduct of clinical trials deliver a substantial contribution to the economy in the form of investments and jobs, but clinical trials are also a driver for the financing of scientific and academic research. Both are important drivers in a knowledge economy, that contribute to innovation and to the development of better medicines for mankind. Europe may be lagging behind in clinical research activities, as compared to other regions. In order to be competitive in this domain, the European Union needs to put in place an efficient framework and there is a need for further incentives for R&D all across Europe as well. Therefore, the European Commission is reconsidering the global context of clinical research with the aim to harmonise and simplify, with the objective to make the processes more lenient and efficient. Click here for the press release (ENG).

    • 19 May 2010 - Each year, the International Clinical Trials' Day is celebrated around the world on the 20th of May in commemoration of the day that James Lind started his famous trial on the 20th of May 1747. Today, 'the Initiative to Promote Clinical Trials in Belgium' and the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMPH) want to highlight the challenges and the importance of clinical trials in our country. Click here for the press release (FR - NL).

    • The first event of THE INITIATIVE took place with the members of the Belgian clinical trial-community on Friday February 26, 2010, from 9h30 to 14h00, in Square (Brussels Meeting Center). Click here for the press release (FR - NL)